Migration from OpenShift v2 to OpenShift Online Pro/OpenShift Container Platform v3

Time is quickly approaching to migrate your existing applications from the OpenShift v2 platform which is reaching it's final end of life (December 31 2017 for paying customers). You may not have the necessary in-house container technology expertise to migrate to modern platform like OpenShift v3 quickly enough. Or your team might be busy with other tasks while the deadline is coming soon.

Either way, you can rely on us to support you with this effort. For a simple application it could be as easy as leveraging OpenShift built-in support for popular application development frameworks. Other applications may require custom container image builds and deployment templates to hook together all your app components in an easy to manage way. Jenkins CI integration, Staging deployments, A/B testing and canary releases are also things we can setup and provide necessary training for your team.

Contact us today and get your apps migrated for $55 per hour.


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